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Our prices are very reasonable, we charge a £45 call-out charge that covers you for the first hour on-site, this will usually provide enough time for diagnosing the problem and in a lot of cases to implement the fix, for the more complicated cases where the fix takes longer than the first hour we charge £35 per hour, and you will be advised of the likely cost before any work is carried out.

The vast majority of problems will be fixed within 2 hours, unless your PC requires a full wipe and re-install of all software.

Very quickly it will become clear weather your PC will require a complete re-install (a full wipe of all the software and operating system and putting it back on fresh and problem free from installation media). This process has several benifits:

  • If your PC has been feeling slower and slower since you purchased it, re-installing it will return it to the speed it was the day you recieved it.
  • It can save you money if the problems you are experiencing take a long time to fix, as it can be much quicker to fix a PC by re-install it.

If you do require a re-install we will advise you of the cost for this when onsite. The cost for re-installing a PC varies depending on what software and operating system you use and if you have a restore CD or not, we can also back up and restore your valuable documents before this process is performed unlike some other high street shops.

When your PC requires some replacement parts, we will advise you of the cost of the parts at the time as the price of PC parts changes daily, rest assured that we will not recommend changing parts unless they are faulty or incompatible with your system.

For larger projects we will be happy to discuss the details with you and provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs and time involved.